Mount Fuji in Red (Original Version)

from by Keisuke

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Track #6

[OG version]


(Prod. by rodfujiwara)

Hello, i'm, standing on the edge. Feeling blessed or I think I am possessed.
By my own thoughts, treasures on my own vault. Open up my mind, I think I overanalyze.
I know everybody got a limit. But the illest ones are those who always stay persistent.
Stay efficient and proficient in the things you do. What's important is you stay true.

[Fell in love with flashing lights. I'm feeling wilder than the night. Listen honey bunny, feeling kinda funny. Come with me, let's make a killing till we end up with the feeling of..]

euphoria. I wanna say my heart is only for you. Come up with a line, I really do adore you.
This is me on top of business shit. Ain't nobody fucking with my clique, and my leadership.

Hello there. Same kid, same hair.
I just let it grow; care. Poof; fluffy as a bear.
Momma KD said it look like a nest for eggs, pens, tens, blunts, fuzzy; stick in random stuff.
Wild fro', with the same white clothes. Random hoe producing on the second floor.
Keep the beat fresh, flowing with the Aphex. Twins, bright stars. She believe in shoes and cars.

[Living everyday, I listen to my protege. Dash to the cupboard, splashed water as I wondered.
'coz most people just exist. I was convinced I had to live and be distinct.]

Started clean, a simple fruit, shining on the other side. Infused my blood, letting all my thoughts connect with every line. I stick a couple stickers. They paint a thousand pictures. My personality'll lead me to immortality.

She said she love me for these cold ass raps. Telling me she wanna be my next lass.
Kinda funny how we clashed and laughed. Never told me where the champagne was stashed.

(Here I go again devoting all my time. Into something I ain't sure will be mine.
Last time I was forcing myself. Till I was doing shit that didn't make sense.
I'ma stay strong 'coz I know what I love. Pushing till my last, even if the going gets tough.
Furthest thing from perfect, everything I do'll be fuckin' worth it. See me smile with all my profit.)

See me chilling. I pack a pack and winter melon. Fixated at the achromatic, going psychopathic.
I'm minimalistic, cryptically thinking of being artistic. Be optimistic, and every thing will be simply terrific. Spark a blunt. Feel a little stunned. Touch the sky or climb and sit on cloud nine.
Salted caramel, take a bite and feel the flavour. We chill like we refrigerators.

That's how it goes. I'm still the same kid surrounded by snow.
Bleeding red. All I needed was a friend. Unexpected; because we did connect.
Never thought I'd grow, and cut out all the bullshit. Probably coz I'd just exist if I didn't spit.
You'll see my marking on the wall. Outscore everybody, I'ma stand tall.


from Shinjuku Nights (Remastered), released March 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Keisuke Quezon City, Philippines

I make films and I love white shirts.

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