Shinjuku Nights (Remastered)

by Keisuke

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All we'll ever have are memories.

Keisuke's second mixtape. Recorded in Manila/Shinjuku. Mixed and mastered by ~~~~~~~~~~~.


released March 21, 2015

A million genuine thanks goes out to Professor X for remastering the entire mixtape. You hella OG, mane. 100/100.

Props as well to Nico Santos and Itos Ledesma for spitting straight fire on 16mm Tea and Ako si RJ respectively. Dope cheers to Antonne Santiago and Margarita Mina, my KawaiiJapanGang homies. Shoutout to my baby girl, Mara Cruz, for her never ending support towards all the shit that I do.

Album photo taken by Margarita Mina in Shibuya. Artwork by Paul Ramos Quiaño.



all rights reserved


Keisuke Quezon City, Philippines

I make films and I love white shirts.

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Track Name: Kitsune
(Prod. by Madlib)

It's all illusions; the way my eyes blackout
to the sight of black bats slowly burning in a glass sphere.
Disintegration at its finest, know i'm not the nicest.
Laughing with the world, push the cricket, light the lightest.

Accidentally. A moment of serenity.
Fucking forcing rhymes, thinking if ideas fly.
Flip the third, blowing streams, wrapping 'coz I bleed.
A meta physicist, man, I hope I met a physicist.

50/50 if you half-kill what's not real.
Hit the muthafuckin' advil, attack pill.
Sittin' lonely, fit a quarter north of table four.
I'd rather keep on hitting flames. I'm fucking sick of playing games.

Referential to the point of losing reference.
I know I'm holy but I'm hated by the reverends.
Letting light pass, and count the dividends.
Realization at the end, you'd probably hate my preference.

Says the insecurities of my other me.
A motherfuckin' normal being, yeah I'd glad to be.
Motherfucking motherfucker form a lone role.
So how would you define a soul who don't even know who Ab-Soul… is.

Piss on walls, I remember pissing on a wall.
Teacher came out and shouted. Well, I was enlightened.
From the genesis, elegance of emphasis.
Rebel since the first grade. Fresher, I refuse to fade.

Cheers to the motherfucking lost ones.
I swear I'd let the gauge spill even just once.
Well I always feel better, nonetheless.
Track Name: Mini Burrito Chicken Rolls
(Prod. by rodfujiwara)

I’ma teach you two ways to cook.
Carbonara so good, you’ll make the bitches look.
I ain’t playing around. This is real shit.
This the type of shit that make yo momma gon’ sit,

at the dinner table. She won’t eat no bagels.
She gon’ eat that healthy pesto.
But naw, man. She ain’t eating no pesto.
Make her eat that carbonara pasto.

(We out here, cooking healthy food.
A hundred percent legit; we’ll make you drool.
Keep it clean, but still real mean.
Killin’ on the beat. Marinating that beef.

Keisuke, rhyming on the track.
At the same time, he be facilitating a class.
Elevate your mind. Open your eyes.
Listen real close. Cook hard like a boss.)

Let me split it up. We got two ways.
Cooking from scratch, or relying on a base.
Find it beautiful. Use Alfredo.
Mix in white wine. Everything fine.

On the other hand, we start off from scratch.
Instead of grilled chicken, bring in that bacon.
Maple bacon rhymes with Akon….

Start with scratch; bring in 4 eggs, cheese.
Quarter cup whipping cream, and Italian parsley.
Spaghetti, bring a pound. Half pound bacon.
Teaspoon of olive oil. Salt and pepper.

Salt in cold water. Cover pot. Heat.
Diced bacon. Cook a quarter hour. Meat.
Ten minutes; cook the ghetti. Tender to the bite.
Eggs, cheese, cream, olive oil. Whisk. Mix.

Switch it up, to the second recipe.
Bring out the dry, the white, the wine, the cup, the one—
—third is the only thing you need.
At the same time, take that jar of Bertolli.

Bring out a tablespoon of olive oil.
Four boneless chicken pieces. One small onion.
Take out a single strip of fine-ass bacon.
Moan like crazy, we gon’ make her.

Heat the oil in a skillet.
Cook the chicken. Golden brown. Yeah, we winning.
Onion and bacon in that same damn skillet.
Stir six minutes. Add the wine. Cook a minute.

Drop the Alfredo, boil over high heat.
Reduce heat to low. Chicken back in the skillet.
Simmer 5 minutes. Sprinkle in that pepper.
Feel the power. Scarface. Hefner.

And that’s the way you cook the pasta.
And now you feeling like the master.
And now you rolling marijuana.
And now you feeling like a gangster.

And now you know how it goes.
Two recipes. One pasta.
Track Name: Freestyle: Part III
(Prod. by Sounwave)

People asking what’s my name, killing in a second.
I’m all about the fucking bass, kicking with the treble.
We out here making. We all made it. We creating music.
Rolling up another blunt. Play the Q. Light and fuse it.

Mah nigga smoking, drinking, he ain’t even legal.
He elevated, playing beats. He don’t clean sheets.
I’m freestylin’ like I’m on the fucking third grade.
Hella next level but I ain’t even gotten laid.

That’s okay. Ain’t the type, ain’t playing any games.
Ain’t going slow. I’m muthafuckin trillmatic. Not an addict.
Not anymore. Ya ready know I’m balling with the realest.
Hella dope, muthafucka. We got it, bitch.

Keep on hitting. Ain’t nobody fucking with my shit.
I got my own clique. We hearing clicks. We making hits.
Drive slow. Got hoes more than my fucking toes.
Naw I’m kidding, bitch. Watch me grow rich.

“I’m shining hard. They be like there he go.”
To the coolest place. Amazing grace. We floating out in outer space.
Just sitting like a muthafucka. Bitch, I got your number.
All eleven digits. Click, click. And then a ring, ring.

I’m headed to your place. I’m on your database.
I’m on a day to day to day basis. Man, I’m outrageous.
Hit my homies up. They ask me “where the OG at?”
OGK. MGK. We on the mango. Pass that.

Hashtag. Hashbrown. Add the i-e-s.
Floating in another round. Chill with Nujabes.
I just want to sleep. Get some rest. Put to the test.
I’m another level. Feeling like I’m higher than the best.

Mixing blood with everything till I think I’ma spring.
My body freezing ice cold, because the wind breezing.
Waka Flocka go “BOW” and then a “BANG BANG”.
Rap, rap. And clack, clack. Collaborate with Ratatat.

Where my homies at? —
I’m going *chukka chukka* and then a *wukka wukk*
I’m flowing like a motherfucking fast emcee. Owning everything. I fucking play Monopoly.
Because I’m killing everybody right in your face, and running like I’m in the fucking Amazing Race.

Jelly like Medusa. Shut you like a motherlover.
Motherfucking, fuck this shit. I empty out my fucking clips.
Clits rhymes with clips but no, it’s inappropriate.
We all in the struggle. Seeking out the coziest.

Wearing white, I rep the cleanest. Probably still the meanest.
Powder white; the only thing I do not fucking like.
Flowing like it ain’t a thing, and I ain’t switching lanes.
I keep on sipping wine. Super fine. Time to fucking shine.

Bring it back. I keep on rhyming till the end of day.
Till she asks me “what’s your order?” I say fish fillet.
Staring at the clock. Waiting for the aftershock.
I’ma shoot you at the block. Briefcase unlock.
Track Name: 16mm Tea (feat. Ronin)
(Prod. by rodfujiwara)

(A love without compare
You know that I’ll be there
Drop my past way faster than I fucking dare
Please believe me when I say I care
In the end all I hear is…)

I’m never really sure, of the things I do.
Overthinkin’ every motherfuckin’ thing I think.
Other people want nice cars.
I just want to sleep knowin’ I have a nice heart.

It’s confusing. Everything’s amusing.
Once you risin’ up haters start poppin’ up.
And your so-called friends
actin cool and shit as if they represent.

Double click. Scroll again. Bla-bla.
Oh shit… The likes in my photo grew.
Should you be muthafuckin’ famous
‘coz you’re prettier than all the other girls, pretty contagious?

Man, I fuckin swear. I should give myself a rest.
Arrest myself from my demons. I am my own mess.
There’s more to life than tweeting about shit.
Truth be told, I learned that the hard way.


Armed to the teeth with animosity.
Attacking and advancing at peak velocity.
Who are you to say I ain't got shit to flex?
My flow droppin' more heat than your projects.

Crazy murderous. Damn impervious.
I'm guarding this beat like I'm Cerberus.
Even Hades can't throw shade
when people know I got it made.

With brain sicker than my daily fits,
I cross out names like I'm popping zits.
I'm on that A.D.D. flow
but your girl still love me though.


Dealin' with everybody’s opinion. 24/7.
Everyday’s the same shit. Lackin’ sleep. I admit.
Everybody’s still the fuckin’ same.
Either that or I’m changing without a doubt.

I’m on the road. The other said she lonely.
She’s tellin’ me that she just wanna hold me closely.
Her lipstick is still stickin on my neck.
Checkin if it’s out. Cry a bit and then I shout.

Why do people see the bad and don’t acknowledge good?
~~Let me ask that again.
Why do people see the bad and don’t acknowledge good?
Why don’t you tweet about that?

Instead of sharin’ yo kicks or your beach pics.
Oh right.. oh right..
I ain’t cool. I ain’t a G. I ride seven jeeps.
I ain’t got the time to tweet “I’m stuck in traffic too.”
Track Name: Blinking Stars
(Prod. by Evil Needle)

Kick it back. Let the glass, do all of the talking.
Head to class, in a minute. Yeah I would be walking.
Fuckin' student with the tendency of feelin 'free.
Man I don't give a fuck. Just as long as I'm controllin' me.

Motherfuckers say I'm nothing and I'm white trash.
A fuckin' roller coaster of emotions layin' paragraphs.
Flowin' like a young baller slidin' down the water
Never ending similes, rhymin' with epiphanies.

Probability of me to change an industry,
rose to a hundred, realize my capability;
to change an attitude with the way I speak of gratitude;
to change a magnitude, feelin' bright while i'm in solitude.

(Fly, to the sky. Ain't gon' say goodbye.
I know I'm me, and i'm livin' free. Kick it up a notch, i'm the remedy.
Stand up. You got the will to smile, and the power to inspire.
It's up to you, if you want to be, the greatest individual we'll ever see.)

I can't concentrate with Perry blastin' through the speakers
and then Kesha sings sporadic, feelin' symptomatic.
I'm just enjoyin' the cool breeze, hit the finest trees
I'm on the fourth glass, aftermath of hatin' being smashed.

I could barely type when I ain't on the influence.
I ain't even home, thinking why i'm so tense.
I just play with everybody till i'm with nobody.
Always feel the same thing, dancing with the last ring.

I fucked up, and it ain't the type to be forgotten.
Destroyed my momma's trust and dad must think i'm fucking rotten.
Send me to the province, promise I will be an artist.
Push myself till I'm the best, train to be the hardest.

[Gettin' sick, losin' hope, my entire world is spinnin'.
Withdrawal from the bad shit that I got myself in.
I'm a heartbreaker and a faker, promise that i'll fuckin' change.
I fuckin' love you.]

I'm done with playin' games, mention different names.
I know I'm radical, I used to be irrational.
Impractical, implacable. I'm invaluable.
I know I'm something, and I know I'll be infallible.

I love my family, and momma I won't let you down.
I'll make you proud, do my best to never see you frown.
I love my brothers, and I'm sorry if I did you wrong.
Just sing along. I know I belong.


[Stay strong. We're all cool in our own way.
I love you, Isa. Always and forever. You and me.]
Track Name: Mount Fuji in Red (Original Version)
(Prod. by rodfujiwara)

Hello, i'm, standing on the edge. Feeling blessed or I think I am possessed.
By my own thoughts, treasures on my own vault. Open up my mind, I think I overanalyze.
I know everybody got a limit. But the illest ones are those who always stay persistent.
Stay efficient and proficient in the things you do. What's important is you stay true.

[Fell in love with flashing lights. I'm feeling wilder than the night. Listen honey bunny, feeling kinda funny. Come with me, let's make a killing till we end up with the feeling of..]

euphoria. I wanna say my heart is only for you. Come up with a line, I really do adore you.
This is me on top of business shit. Ain't nobody fucking with my clique, and my leadership.

Hello there. Same kid, same hair.
I just let it grow; care. Poof; fluffy as a bear.
Momma KD said it look like a nest for eggs, pens, tens, blunts, fuzzy; stick in random stuff.
Wild fro', with the same white clothes. Random hoe producing on the second floor.
Keep the beat fresh, flowing with the Aphex. Twins, bright stars. She believe in shoes and cars.

[Living everyday, I listen to my protege. Dash to the cupboard, splashed water as I wondered.
'coz most people just exist. I was convinced I had to live and be distinct.]

Started clean, a simple fruit, shining on the other side. Infused my blood, letting all my thoughts connect with every line. I stick a couple stickers. They paint a thousand pictures. My personality'll lead me to immortality.

She said she love me for these cold ass raps. Telling me she wanna be my next lass.
Kinda funny how we clashed and laughed. Never told me where the champagne was stashed.

(Here I go again devoting all my time. Into something I ain't sure will be mine.
Last time I was forcing myself. Till I was doing shit that didn't make sense.
I'ma stay strong 'coz I know what I love. Pushing till my last, even if the going gets tough.
Furthest thing from perfect, everything I do'll be fuckin' worth it. See me smile with all my profit.)

See me chilling. I pack a pack and winter melon. Fixated at the achromatic, going psychopathic.
I'm minimalistic, cryptically thinking of being artistic. Be optimistic, and every thing will be simply terrific. Spark a blunt. Feel a little stunned. Touch the sky or climb and sit on cloud nine.
Salted caramel, take a bite and feel the flavour. We chill like we refrigerators.

That's how it goes. I'm still the same kid surrounded by snow.
Bleeding red. All I needed was a friend. Unexpected; because we did connect.
Never thought I'd grow, and cut out all the bullshit. Probably coz I'd just exist if I didn't spit.
You'll see my marking on the wall. Outscore everybody, I'ma stand tall.
Track Name: Pincers
(Prod. by rodfujiwara)

Get up from the bed. Ten in the morning, over 10.
Goin’ through the motions. Atmospheric emotions.
Prepare and operate. I feel like I wanna evaporate.
Raise my awesomeness until I go form a new form today.

Took me two years to actually motivate myself.
Thinkin’ existential crisis, should’ve been enlightened,
Lookin’ up to rappers. Amazing filmmakers.
Never tired. Never wept. I knew I needed help.

My girl tell me I should smile more.
Quite impossible. Trickling down the waterfall.
Reason or three. Conflict cannot foresee.
Fucking confrontation is the only thing that set us free.

I’m finally off the fucking chronic.
I’m just kidding. I feel that would be ironic.
Always chasin’ after my shadow.
To the point I say hello. Wouldn’t even know.

Perpetually waiting for the time I reach my grand finale.
Hope that I’d be happy ‘fore I even marry.
Missionary position’s always being fucking mentioned.
Depend on every aforementioned method.

I’m just pretending to be okay.
Obey and overstay. Everyday’s a cliche.
Sit in the alleyway; the dark recesses of my mind.
And then I ask myself “why?”


Do you even ask yourself why,
or you’re just pretending to be okay?
…or you’re just pretending to be okay?
Walk away till you’re a breakaway.

I always ask myself why.
Similarities. Hello before they say goodbye.
And then I ask myself why. lie. why. cry. why. try.

Raise your motherfuckin’ cupcake in the air.
Wave them back and forth, side to side, heat the apple pie.
Take a break from overthinking as to why you’re here,
or as to why you do these things, or as to how you really feel.

Raise your red velvet cupcake,
and then you share it with you brother, mane.
Raise your red velvet cupcake,
and then you share it with yourself, mane.


Everyday, me and Mary Jane
kick it in the backseat. Chillin’ with my fave tee.
Everybody tryna tell me that I ain’t shit.
Thinkin’ I’m just another wack bitch about to make a hit.

Tell you what, mane. I know that I ain’t sane.
But I ain’t sayin’ that to prove you’re right; now that’s insane.
I feel like I don’t fucking play a part in the grand scheme of things.
Locked inside my mind. I’m happy with my own kind.

It’s funny ain’t it? White, asian, lanky kid.
Capable, microwavable, unassailable, unshakeable.
I fucking make the crowd shout while you watch me from your couch.
I help the people understand why we should avoid the avalanche.

Beat it down… and switch it up. Kick it’s six senses.
Comprehensive; I admit I’m counteroffensive.
Been livin’ a hundred years or more, and every single day
is a muthafuckin’ chance for me to locate myself and realize my depths.

Lions don’t sleep. Kingin’, chillin’ in a suite.
Never ending journey. Fell in love with controversy.
Everything is backwards. Haters fail to realize they’re hated.
Get the picture? Activate. I’m the awaited.

I’d rather be reanimated.
I feel like it’d be nice to galvanize.
I’d rather live a hundred years of sadness,
than to live a life where I don’t feel like I’m alive.


What does it really take, for a man to change?
Without having to take a life or even take advice.
Barely writing tunes. Always feel the blues.
I’m on the last page. Refuse the last bottle of booze.

Ain’t a regular kid. Stimulate her later.
Eliminator of simulators and intimidators.
Run around until we get lost.
Another night of being overwrought.

Took me months to wake my motherfucking self up.
Find another line that doesn’t rhyme with angel dust.
Tell yourself that you ain’t ready ‘coz you’ve been ready.
Force yourself to run while everybody’s still stationary.

Sharp enough to sound edgy and to be defined.
Lost inside my mind. Why do I even try?
A hundred bells ring continuously in the head.
Control is what you need to soften them while on the bed.

And here I go again with pickin’ the pen on day ten.
Mental conmen arrested by policemen.
Writing endlessly, I’m rolling with the avalanche.
Rise again, stop. The top is where I’m allowed to stand.

Turn the system up, and twist it out.
Palm the whole world, change, man. Without a doubt.
Magneto shit. I’m on that next-level telekinesis.
Stickin’ back to roots. Create my masterpieces.

Create your sentimental masterpieces,
hopefully they’re as complex as polyhedrons.
Hopefully we have omelettes and awesome peaches.
Hopefully I get speechless once I hear your speeches.
Track Name: Ako si RJ (feat. Tot0y FX & Jheem)
(Prod. by Pedestrian)

Ako si RJ, mahilig sa mais,
'pag ako'y nabangga niyo, BOOM… PANIS.
Buo ang aking loob, lasang tsokolateng pawis.
 Para akong hayop, walang kasing bangis. 
Kamukha ko si Aljur, masarap ang hotdog ko.
 Hindi ako nagsasabi nang "putang ina niyo.”
 Matindi ang aking abs, tila bang bato. Malaki ang aking bird, parang volcano.

Ako si RJ at marami akong chicks.
 Kasama ko sila from umaga till six. Nililibre ko sila ng tapa sa Rodic's. 
Ako ay responsable, hindi petiks.
 I pray to Baby Jesus whenever I'm alone.
 I never ever ever want to watch bold. Ako si RJ, mahilig sa ice cream.
 Ako si RJ, the man of your dreams.

- - - - -

Pagdating sa basket, walang tatalo kay RJ. 
Malupit ang aking vision, parang X-Ray.
 Ako'y nag-eexercise halos everyday. 
'pag ako'y tumatae, 'di kailangan ng bidet. 
Ang pangalan ko ay RJ, hindi ako si Kyle. 
Mas marami akong hits kaysa kay Gangnam Style.
 I can run forever if it's only 40 miles. 
I am the best, better than Kyle.

Ako si RJ, meron akong Montero.
 Ako'y tagahatid ng mga Koreano.
 Ako si RJ, sumasabay sa uso.
 Ako si RJ, naglalaro ng suso.
 Marami akong money parang si Pangilinan.
 Ako ang hari ng sandaigdigan.
 My favorite artist is Pinikpikan.
 Ako si RJ, bayani ng lipunan.
Track Name: Older
(Prod. by rodfujiwara)

I'm back to square one, i'm lost in a world that's full of strangers.
Keep on grinding, doin'/dyin', no such as thing trying.
Logging in, steady logging out when full of doubt.
I'm facing problems, losing touch of what is real or not.

I'm not a fucking role model. I was just awoken.
Sorry to have discommoded you; sugarcoated.
Unspoken poem screaming to be opened, to be noticed.
Devoted to the dosage, destroying my opponent.

Freezing at the thought of approaching the person who's there to help me; to believe in no one, to keep on doing the things that make me crazy.
The fuck is trust if you can even the motherfucking trust, the overcoming and corruptive voice
that rings in your head, when you wanna seek revenge; killing when you really want him dead.

Every single day is the fuckin' same. I'm thinking; I'm going insane.
I'm clicking bullets, kicking pushing, polyurethane.
I still have no idea as to why i even bother
consulting you. Fuck you, man. You're not a doctor.


You better stop the shit, admit that you're a hypocrite.
Saying you're a nigga. You're vanilla. Pull the trigger.
You don't think like I do. You don't act like I do.
Remember the hullabaloo? You are being lied to.

Keep the haters in the glass case.
Motherfuckers, they should be erased.
Don't give a shit about what other people think of thee.
Coldest ever is exactly how you should be.


Slip a cap. Dispatch an aristocrat.
Highest form in all societies and anxieties.
Embody every single trait that will make you feel great.
Realizations take shape and then you dissipate.

Bitch, get off my fucking back, I'm just trying to rap.
I admit I'm erratic, semiautomatic, antidemocratic, dramatic.
Feel like I'm the newest kid in town, people wanna see me drown
in my rumination, we're the liberation, depending on speculation.


Childish asking if i'm serious. I don't even know.
Mysterious, but I ain't premium gelatissimo.
Yeezy got the power, he can make my life exciting.
But honestly, he just pushes me till I'm fucking crying.

Filled with anger, channel everything and memorize.
I know i'm resolute. I fucking want the good life.
Wacky shaggy lunatic, thrilled to be content.
I'm living out my dreams; I'll never sleep till I excel.


You're there when I try to change, transformation's not a game.
A blessing or a curse, for better or for fucking worst.
Who the fuck are you to direct/dictate what i should do?
You never show yourself; repeatedly play peekaboo.

Excruciating lines. Agonizing white lies.
I forcefully change the flow in this line 'coz I know I'm polarized.
No matter what I do the past informs that i ain't true.
Wear my shoes. I want you to see my final view.