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Track #9


(Prod. by rodfujiwara)

I'm back to square one, i'm lost in a world that's full of strangers.
Keep on grinding, doin'/dyin', no such as thing trying.
Logging in, steady logging out when full of doubt.
I'm facing problems, losing touch of what is real or not.

I'm not a fucking role model. I was just awoken.
Sorry to have discommoded you; sugarcoated.
Unspoken poem screaming to be opened, to be noticed.
Devoted to the dosage, destroying my opponent.

Freezing at the thought of approaching the person who's there to help me; to believe in no one, to keep on doing the things that make me crazy.
The fuck is trust if you can even the motherfucking trust, the overcoming and corruptive voice
that rings in your head, when you wanna seek revenge; killing when you really want him dead.

Every single day is the fuckin' same. I'm thinking; I'm going insane.
I'm clicking bullets, kicking pushing, polyurethane.
I still have no idea as to why i even bother
consulting you. Fuck you, man. You're not a doctor.


You better stop the shit, admit that you're a hypocrite.
Saying you're a nigga. You're vanilla. Pull the trigger.
You don't think like I do. You don't act like I do.
Remember the hullabaloo? You are being lied to.

Keep the haters in the glass case.
Motherfuckers, they should be erased.
Don't give a shit about what other people think of thee.
Coldest ever is exactly how you should be.


Slip a cap. Dispatch an aristocrat.
Highest form in all societies and anxieties.
Embody every single trait that will make you feel great.
Realizations take shape and then you dissipate.

Bitch, get off my fucking back, I'm just trying to rap.
I admit I'm erratic, semiautomatic, antidemocratic, dramatic.
Feel like I'm the newest kid in town, people wanna see me drown
in my rumination, we're the liberation, depending on speculation.


Childish asking if i'm serious. I don't even know.
Mysterious, but I ain't premium gelatissimo.
Yeezy got the power, he can make my life exciting.
But honestly, he just pushes me till I'm fucking crying.

Filled with anger, channel everything and memorize.
I know i'm resolute. I fucking want the good life.
Wacky shaggy lunatic, thrilled to be content.
I'm living out my dreams; I'll never sleep till I excel.


You're there when I try to change, transformation's not a game.
A blessing or a curse, for better or for fucking worst.
Who the fuck are you to direct/dictate what i should do?
You never show yourself; repeatedly play peekaboo.

Excruciating lines. Agonizing white lies.
I forcefully change the flow in this line 'coz I know I'm polarized.
No matter what I do the past informs that i ain't true.
Wear my shoes. I want you to see my final view.


from Shinjuku Nights (Remastered), released March 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Keisuke Quezon City, Philippines

I make films and I love white shirts.

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