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Track #1


(Prod. by Madlib)

It's all illusions; the way my eyes blackout
to the sight of black bats slowly burning in a glass sphere.
Disintegration at its finest, know i'm not the nicest.
Laughing with the world, push the cricket, light the lightest.

Accidentally. A moment of serenity.
Fucking forcing rhymes, thinking if ideas fly.
Flip the third, blowing streams, wrapping 'coz I bleed.
A meta physicist, man, I hope I met a physicist.

50/50 if you half-kill what's not real.
Hit the muthafuckin' advil, attack pill.
Sittin' lonely, fit a quarter north of table four.
I'd rather keep on hitting flames. I'm fucking sick of playing games.

Referential to the point of losing reference.
I know I'm holy but I'm hated by the reverends.
Letting light pass, and count the dividends.
Realization at the end, you'd probably hate my preference.

Says the insecurities of my other me.
A motherfuckin' normal being, yeah I'd glad to be.
Motherfucking motherfucker form a lone role.
So how would you define a soul who don't even know who Ab-Soul… is.

Piss on walls, I remember pissing on a wall.
Teacher came out and shouted. Well, I was enlightened.
From the genesis, elegance of emphasis.
Rebel since the first grade. Fresher, I refuse to fade.

Cheers to the motherfucking lost ones.
I swear I'd let the gauge spill even just once.
Well I always feel better, nonetheless.


from Shinjuku Nights (Remastered), released March 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Keisuke Quezon City, Philippines

I make films and I love white shirts.

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