Freestyle: Part III

from by Keisuke

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Track #3


(Prod. by Sounwave)

People asking what’s my name, killing in a second.
I’m all about the fucking bass, kicking with the treble.
We out here making. We all made it. We creating music.
Rolling up another blunt. Play the Q. Light and fuse it.

Mah nigga smoking, drinking, he ain’t even legal.
He elevated, playing beats. He don’t clean sheets.
I’m freestylin’ like I’m on the fucking third grade.
Hella next level but I ain’t even gotten laid.

That’s okay. Ain’t the type, ain’t playing any games.
Ain’t going slow. I’m muthafuckin trillmatic. Not an addict.
Not anymore. Ya ready know I’m balling with the realest.
Hella dope, muthafucka. We got it, bitch.

Keep on hitting. Ain’t nobody fucking with my shit.
I got my own clique. We hearing clicks. We making hits.
Drive slow. Got hoes more than my fucking toes.
Naw I’m kidding, bitch. Watch me grow rich.

“I’m shining hard. They be like there he go.”
To the coolest place. Amazing grace. We floating out in outer space.
Just sitting like a muthafucka. Bitch, I got your number.
All eleven digits. Click, click. And then a ring, ring.

I’m headed to your place. I’m on your database.
I’m on a day to day to day basis. Man, I’m outrageous.
Hit my homies up. They ask me “where the OG at?”
OGK. MGK. We on the mango. Pass that.

Hashtag. Hashbrown. Add the i-e-s.
Floating in another round. Chill with Nujabes.
I just want to sleep. Get some rest. Put to the test.
I’m another level. Feeling like I’m higher than the best.

Mixing blood with everything till I think I’ma spring.
My body freezing ice cold, because the wind breezing.
Waka Flocka go “BOW” and then a “BANG BANG”.
Rap, rap. And clack, clack. Collaborate with Ratatat.

Where my homies at? —
I’m going *chukka chukka* and then a *wukka wukk*
I’m flowing like a motherfucking fast emcee. Owning everything. I fucking play Monopoly.
Because I’m killing everybody right in your face, and running like I’m in the fucking Amazing Race.

Jelly like Medusa. Shut you like a motherlover.
Motherfucking, fuck this shit. I empty out my fucking clips.
Clits rhymes with clips but no, it’s inappropriate.
We all in the struggle. Seeking out the coziest.

Wearing white, I rep the cleanest. Probably still the meanest.
Powder white; the only thing I do not fucking like.
Flowing like it ain’t a thing, and I ain’t switching lanes.
I keep on sipping wine. Super fine. Time to fucking shine.

Bring it back. I keep on rhyming till the end of day.
Till she asks me “what’s your order?” I say fish fillet.
Staring at the clock. Waiting for the aftershock.
I’ma shoot you at the block. Briefcase unlock.


from Shinjuku Nights (Remastered), released March 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Keisuke Quezon City, Philippines

I make films and I love white shirts.

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