16mm Tea (feat. Ronin)

from by Keisuke

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Track #4


(Prod. by rodfujiwara)

(A love without compare
You know that I’ll be there
Drop my past way faster than I fucking dare
Please believe me when I say I care
In the end all I hear is…)

I’m never really sure, of the things I do.
Overthinkin’ every motherfuckin’ thing I think.
Other people want nice cars.
I just want to sleep knowin’ I have a nice heart.

It’s confusing. Everything’s amusing.
Once you risin’ up haters start poppin’ up.
And your so-called friends
actin cool and shit as if they represent.

Double click. Scroll again. Bla-bla.
Oh shit… The likes in my photo grew.
Should you be muthafuckin’ famous
‘coz you’re prettier than all the other girls, pretty contagious?

Man, I fuckin swear. I should give myself a rest.
Arrest myself from my demons. I am my own mess.
There’s more to life than tweeting about shit.
Truth be told, I learned that the hard way.


Armed to the teeth with animosity.
Attacking and advancing at peak velocity.
Who are you to say I ain't got shit to flex?
My flow droppin' more heat than your projects.

Crazy murderous. Damn impervious.
I'm guarding this beat like I'm Cerberus.
Even Hades can't throw shade
when people know I got it made.

With brain sicker than my daily fits,
I cross out names like I'm popping zits.
I'm on that A.D.D. flow
but your girl still love me though.


Dealin' with everybody’s opinion. 24/7.
Everyday’s the same shit. Lackin’ sleep. I admit.
Everybody’s still the fuckin’ same.
Either that or I’m changing without a doubt.

I’m on the road. The other said she lonely.
She’s tellin’ me that she just wanna hold me closely.
Her lipstick is still stickin on my neck.
Checkin if it’s out. Cry a bit and then I shout.

Why do people see the bad and don’t acknowledge good?
~~Let me ask that again.
Why do people see the bad and don’t acknowledge good?
Why don’t you tweet about that?

Instead of sharin’ yo kicks or your beach pics.
Oh right.. oh right..
I ain’t cool. I ain’t a G. I ride seven jeeps.
I ain’t got the time to tweet “I’m stuck in traffic too.”


from Shinjuku Nights (Remastered), released March 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Keisuke Quezon City, Philippines

I make films and I love white shirts.

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