Intentions & Inventions

by Keisuke

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'Intentions & Inventions' is Keisuke's debut mixtape featuring songs produced by rodfujiwara, and beats by his friends + famous hip-hop producers of today.


released August 9, 2013

A million thanks to Carlo Templo, Arlo Guiwo, CJ Araneta, Justin Candelario, Ceej Frankera and Jat Sison for lending their awesome talents to the making of this mixtape.

One big shoutout to Itos Ledesma, Nico Santos and Felipe Buencamino. All your insanity, creativity and unwavering support heavily influenced several of these tracks.



all rights reserved


Keisuke Quezon City, Philippines

I make films and I love white shirts.

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Track Name: Rain Drop/Dopple
(Prod. by Steven Ellison)

Sedentary addict, smiling like a manic
Dreaming of elysium, extensive happiness; like I'm the fucking reason
Shotgun sitting in the back wished he was riding shotgun
So I could pulverize, [predominate this microcosm]

Look at all the fucks I give, like Waka Flocka fuck a bitch
a llama smoking enchila-melodramatic-marijuana-da
No Gun La Di da, No Murder to the Koala
Cocoa, pale-yellow, known as theobroma

fuck bitches
skin 'em all alive, take their motherfucking jewelry
Place them under scrutiny, a growth of sensibility
Express your feelings truthfully, [if he or she is still breathing]

Give it all you've got
Make her moan like you just cleared the debts of her mastercard
Master spots especially the one for fucking stimulation
Make her scream until she feels ethereal sensations

So unorthodox,
for a Korean-looking kid who's stance is orthodox
Smoking grass or crushing caps obtained from tinderbox
Sleep deprived, Garam over detox

Befriending madness before it becomes the antagonist
A flatulent protagonist. I'm tired of this.
Listening to beast shit that no one knew existed
Insomnia due to musical enthusiasm

Psychedelic tendencies, special needs
All the LSD, half a pill of ecstasy
Perturbation, provocation, anti-preservation
I am your imagination
Track Name: Start (feat. Temps & R-Lo)
(Prod. by Drake & Noah "40" Shebib)


Here it is, here it comes. Are you ready, son? Fujiwara and The Papa gon' get it done.
Kickin' off the revolution, making history. This ain't the last time you gon' hear from him or me.
We just started this shit. We're getting warmed up. Stop the presses, leave a message, blow your speakers up.
Papa T, you know me, I'm the real thing. When I'm steppin' to it, get the booty on the floor, mane.

I told a nigga keep his eyes on his lady friend. Still she end up leaving him and backing up her rear end.
All over me, she all over me. Next day; I send a text saying, "Get over me."
I used to scribble poems in my spare time, now... (I'm making headlines, nigga).
All around the best, no fuckin' contest. Call me Judge Dredd, laying down poetic justice. Beast.


Make it to the top. Money blow. Niggas know. When you're living up the life, in the dark you make it glow.
Got to show you, got the flow to make the floor rock. The beat on the mic, blasting down like a glock nine[s], rhymes.
Feeling so fly. Plans on plans, the times to time.
Watching niggas step around like a landmine before they sit their ass down and stare into cloud nine.

I got the vision of the future and the fucking constitution. You guys got the problems and I'm the solution.
The nuisance who blew it, that everyone thought would eventually lose it.
But instead, I approved it. Instead I used it. I broke through the crowd, now you listen to my music.
So play it up loud and find the meaning in the sound. The tunes that carry on a pillow- my crown. Beast.


Snap to the fucking rhythm, rap to the beat. Snapback on your head, on your mind, feel neat.
Like a silly little dance, throw your hands in the air. Like how Francis Ford Coppola made himself a millionaire.
Let me spell it out for you, Z-E-N-I-T-H. The benchmark/gauge, the one you hear on tape.
The mofo who ran down the avalanche, rose up, now he's fuckin' chillin' over land.

Thank me now, girl. Twirl, I wanna see those curls.
I'm referring to the noun but consider the verb.
Influential to a point, far from being quintessential.
Representing imperfection. Recollection of perception.

Slippin' caps [not snaps] into wide eye schnapps.
Pills to be specific, encapsulated jabs.
Sick twisted, forced out triple vision.
Eyes wide static, recommended supervision, we beast.
Track Name: Mona Lisa Pizza
(Prod. by rodfujiwara)

Pouring shots, remembering names.
Interrupted series of frames.
Profound boy immersed in a fucking shallow pool.
Too deep for 10Deep. I'm just wading like a fool.
Always feel beat? Go ahead click, clack.
You could give it all away. I would rather snap back.

I really love the taste of mozza cheese. Pepperoni toppings, oh yes please. I love the texture of the crust. It gives me sensual feelings of lust.

I go to Pizza Hut, 10 boxes of pizza: my aphrodisiac, my Mona Lisa. And then my hand goes down to grab my wallet. Get my credit card, I'ma pay it by instalments.

There's only one brand of shoes for me. I really like Vans, but it's Nike SB. They're both comfy, soft and stylish. But I prefer dunks, that was pretty incisive. Whether it's Kostons or PRod 4s, T-I-Double F-S galore. The sneakers for the fucking dedicated skater, and the hype beast or an innovator.

They were made for your feet to look good. Have the kind of swag that PRod would. Maybe Janoski or Eric Koston. Skater swag don't you ever dare to cross one. My man Jat wrote the first one in fifteen minutes, couple edits, visit nicotine. Way sweeter than your daughter's sweet sixteen.
Track Name: Midnight (feat. Pedestrian)
(Prod. by DJ Shadow)


Let me introduce myself, I don't feel compelled. Paradoxical, this is the only thing I felt.
I'm the type of person who would get up in the morning, always looking forward to a day that is worth applauding.
I'm a mess with attitudes I wished would coalesce. Suppressing feelings until they're the ones who'd feel oppressed.
A loud person. An affinity for unanimity. Improbability denied. Antipathy defied.

Where was I? [Oh yeah] I named myself as Zenith Rod. An affectation. Creation of a sharp facade.
I rode a space shuttle, sudden impulse, change momentum. Final image actualized, cacophony was felt inside.
Went away for a holiday, got carried away. "Developed intensity, welcome to theory", inherent docility.
Find myself in a world of broken promises. Fuck the word 'incompetence' and raise myself to prominence.

Who am I? Would you even care to know my name? Alabaster. Bleached. Pale/Homeboy.
Smokin' Os. Feeling awes. Bubble bungalow. Oregano afterglow. Apocryphal adagio.
Apprehensively aggressive. Lanky carnivore. All I ever fucking wanted was to look like Thor.
Asian adolescent, condescending discontentment. Visually present. Fuzzy learning. Disposition absent.


Violence is heralded by violins. Drowning out the emphasis on silence.
How do I define this? It's been a long time coming. Expelled from the womb and now I hit the ground running, for cover. Exchange my breath for another's. In between my body and soul, I hover.
Suspended between invisible planes. Superglued to nothing in a catatonic state.

I have no choice but to wait for my flawed notion of fate to jolt me awake so I can come out and play. At least for a day, one curse a day. Before I remember I've got nothing to say.
Okay. I'll hug my grudge and go to sleep. And pray to God for no bad dreams. But God is dead and so are we. But now we're free.

Wait for the rapture. The vacuum sucks all the life on Earth, it's a clusterfuck. Perennially engraved on our brains at night. Every little thing is gonna be alright, but not quite.
My brain's half-empty. My heart's half-full. A thousand little flies buzz around my skull.
I'm left alone to behold my emaciated frame. And no one on this planet even knew my name.


One of two things; ease or exasperation. A battle between reality and expectations.
Love is cruel. Love is kind. It simply intertwines. Changes over time. Cannot be defined.
Enclosed inside a bubble sheltered from the painful past. Bubble burst, we understood that we won't last.
"Write about how you constantly misunderstand." Running down an avalanche. I wish I lived in wonderland.

Welcome to the normality of reality. Thereupon rise, suck it up and carry on.
True maturity; accept mistakes and learn from them. Kill defeat and kill the beat. Bittersweet as you delete.
Listen to your inner self, I bet it cries for help. The only person who could understand you more than you.
Be yourself and try to always think like you're a student. In the end challenges are outlets for improvement.
Track Name: Ansel Lullaby (feat. CJ Araneta)
(Prod. by rodfujiwara & CJ Araneta)

[Sing to me your melody. That will put me back to sleep.]

I remember the time I first saw her eyes
My heart skipped a beat, and I was mesmerized
Wearing white, I looked like, I got into a fight
"Hello there, I know you" and what the fuck, I'm paralyzed

I would skip a few cliques, so we could see some clips
Every time we sat together, I wished we're together
Everything was so calm and everything was blissful
Before I went, kissed her head, she let out a giggle

Homie told me once, that love will never work for me
said I always acted young, immaturity
I was selfish, inexperienced, didn't help at all
Always said the wrong words, always waited for her call

Didn't take a long time to smile and call her mine
Didn't take a while for her to hit my blindside
Didn't take a long time to hug and love the other
Didn't take a while for her to fall for another

[Sing to me your melody. That will put me back to sleep.
I will find you inside my dreams. Stay with me, don't ever leave.]

Used to say, I would never fall into the same
pattern where I would love and hate, and separate
From the very start, I knew that we would fall apart
Got a dart in my heart, I slowly fell apart

Everywhere I fucking went, all I saw was you
In the States, on break, didn't know what to do
I kept on gunning other chicks to the point I couldn't pick
Counterpoint everything I felt, in a snap I lost myself

I went delusional, even though it ain't unusual
I kept on going even though it wasn't mutual
How could someone hold me close and make me feel alive
How could someone make me think that everything's a lie

Got my broken heart back, man, I should've known
Got no choice but to fucking mend it on my own
People come and go, you wouldn't know until you grow
Waiting for the day, I have to say "hello"
Track Name: Pseudonyms
(Prod. by Frankie Numi)

Back when Kanye was the dropout bear, I was on my desk, playing solitaire.
I figured, I wanna cook, I wanna be a chef. Making burgers from the lessons read on PDFs.
My dad told me I should make a joint. He said, why not make a bar for all your boys.
I said, "I need a name, which would catch attention." Instead of Micky Dees, we should call it "My Cheese".

I was fucking ten, didn't really care. Chewing hamburgers, I was big as a bear.
85% lean ground beef, recommended seasonings, slices of cheese.
My friends called me "Rod, the Broad", distance larger like I was abroad.
Demoralized, forthwith cut ties. Hiding from reality, I cried on pies.

I guess it's safe to say I fell for a girl. Skin tone was as white as pearls.
I was flourishing, with cards, not arms. Gathered all my courage, "I'ma take her heart."
It was sunny, all the leaves flowed free. I felt chummy, like the bitch on Glee.
Little cutie, I thought she really liked me. Well fuck her, she said I looked like a manatee.

Killing time, I was solving cosigns. Shuffle tunes, I was listening to blues.
Muddle fuel, I fucked up my diet. Patties everywhere, I was highly unenlightened.
Chubby happy bear. Rare tears everywhere. Oblivious attraction, fucking hate retraction.
Didn't know the roots, I had a different scheme. Realize the value of wearing 'preme.

Kick it back, threw up guts for lunch. I went up to Rav and I learned to pump, jump, run around, chasing Calvin Harries. Not the mofo, man, I meant the motto.
Bottled water, I don't fuck with doctors. Swallow nothing just to fill up my buzzing.
Down by the sixth gin, everything was spinning. All I saw were numbers, I was losing colours.
Bunch a high, might die, might fly. Vanish like the baby upon the first cry.
Apogee, open up on the floor. Simile, like a fucking crack whore.
I thought I was gonna die, had to say goodbye. "Fuck you" to the first bitch who made me cry.

Wake up, I was floating in space, change. Beaming through the ceiling, that gate.
Told myself that I really would change. Then again, I was fucking too late.
Thin, tall, awkward, awesome, asian motherfucker. I look like a flat-chested lesbian lover.
Shave my head, I would look like an addict. Keep my head, I would like a pothead.

Cherry red, wine tasting after every evening. Riding down, top down, 635.
Simple bitch, with a twitch, I'm the cause of glitch. Coming up with verses while I chill with nurses.
Dip or fly, doesn't matter, better get high. Simple stuff, just don't let your parents see the stuff.
One puff. One piff. One crew. One hug. One love. One view.
Track Name: Rainbow Skittle (feat. Pedestrian)
(Prod. by Pedestrian)


Beause when the ice thaws out, the time will seem like it's right
And when the sun comes down, that's when reality bites
My vision seems so blurred, feels like there's mud in my eyes
I'm growing way too old, my skin's infected with blight
My teeth are yellowing fast, my mouth is plagued by decay
and it won't take long for youth to wither away
You look like an angel and that's why you pray
and I look like an ass; I've got no choice but to bray
I'm a solipsist, bitch! The world is made out of clay
and half the time they never get to hear what I say
But I live for the day so won't you come out and play?
The water's fine and reminiscent of flame
I'm spewing out this shit I can't comprehend
so I'm waiting for the men to reprimand
me, solely based on the color of my hand
It's red, figures


You're battling a threat that's invisible
and you never thought that we'd be this terrible
we're irrefutable, indisputable
Feasting on the inside of your skull
If you are The Hulk, we are the mighty Skrull
Now you don't look so incredible
The lightness of our being is unbearable
The damage that we do is irreparable
Irony is dead and so are we
One and one make two, two and one make three
I am you but you're not me
I'm waving my hand, you can't see me
I am not alive, I'm the living dead
I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread
I'm pretty sure this song don't make no sense
Whatever, man
Track Name: Fresh (feat. Ceej Frankera, Temps & Jat)
(Prod. by Nappy Roots)


Get up your damn seat and get on the floor.
Either bum and be a lazy bitch or set a high score.
Dream of flying in the sky, only rocking with the best.
Plan ahead, and carry out your plan. Success, no stress.

Everyday's a new day, seize the wonder of today.
Like Henley, I'm the master of my fate. I'ma save the day.
I'ma focus on improving my identity.
Don't let your history intervene with destiny.

Chilling, killing in the game, pioneering name.
But first I gotta keep my grind, keep my eyes right on the prize.
Ascendancy is the outcome of preparation
and determination. So get up, man. We're gonna have a good day.


And I consider all the years that I've been going strong. Even after all the situations that's been going on. Often make a nigga wish he wasn't even born at all. That everything he do in life just seem so very, very wrong.

But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out, that life is gonna keep on throwing punches and no matter how you try to duck and dodge eventually they're gonna knock you down. But you gotta get back up before they start the ten count.

And now, Whatever the direction that you lead yourself. You just gotta make do with the chances of the cards you dealt. The unpredictability of life is the fun part anyway. Just keep your head up and hear me say it's gonna be a good day.


One thing that you gotta understand, is that life has a flavour that can go very bland. It's this part of my life that kinda seems depressing, with the everyday dilemmas and the nonstop stressing.

But life is like a bottle, gotta grab it by the neck and conquer every drop till you feel really sick. Because the hit is wonderful, you can't get enough of it. Enjoying every moment and forgetting all the bullshit.

It's like a dick, bitches love it when it's longer, and you gotta be consistent to become a little stronger. So drink up cause its the end of my verse, i am just about done and ready to disperse.
Track Name: Intentions & Inventions
(Prod. by Pedestrian)

I need another glass of Hangar One. A fucking padawan.
Master of all ruptured runners. I'm a slave to different colours.
[Drop the fucking shot, aim for that drop shot.
Lost in a state of trance, afterthought is nonchalant.]

I'm a fucking awkward shutterbug who plugs on drugs.
[Or at least wishes, people say I am a jitterbug.]
Night owl, gaining hours staring at the stars.
Similar to Blue Beetle, signature iris needles.

[Eating ramen in a parking lot like I was chilling,
with the shaman that the captain mentioned in his killing.]
Lone bowl, three different plates that lead to faze.
Never ending tunnel. [Never fucking ending wrenching puzzle.]

[Decipher fiction, similar to contradictions.
Mass infliction to the state of diction, interdiction.]
Sitting in a setup, sheep lost in space.
Herded by a crackerjack, teaching steeplechase.

Full-fledged Jap. Three-quarters claptrap.
[Fap to the rhythm of the bass kickin' in my face.
Fucking lanky like the kid who stared at me blankly.
Apt neuropathy.] Nearing the finale.

Lost integrity. Found insincerity.
Apparently, motherfuckers think i'm mentally
ill, downing caps, always run with scissors.
Delusional, always saying [THAT I FUCKING MISS HER.]

Justifying feelings just because their feelings.
[Didn't justify the action, late reaction.]
Teachings go over my head, high above the ceiling.
I lack conviction, [the worst kind of human being.]

[Concerned with existentialism, twisted hypnotism.]
I don't even know myself, transcendentalism.
Cranium fucked, I'm surprised I know the fucking meaning
[of fucking craniums], destroying atriums.

Conceiving arguments, a monument of opulence
Perpetrate loyalty, automatic royalty.
[Obedience is the key to getting nice ingredients]
Result to trippy waterfalls, several anaemias.

[A fucking clusterfuck of fucking fuck wordplay.]
Lost my mind's virginity 'fore I knew foreplay.
[Stitch the lips of the kid who just wants acceptance.]
Adolescence at its fluorescence, marvellous.